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Power of Choice 1 of 2 with Elaine and Rach









Power of Choice 1 of 2--When Spirit joins you for coffee, you listen – REMEMBER – EMBODY – RE-EMBODY your POWER TO CREATE!

Elaine Bracken is a channel and medium and this episode was born from a channeling she received while having coffee on her porch one morning. This loving message from her guides encourages us to Remember Our Power by Remembering Our Soul’s Choice To Come to Earth. This message also encourages us to Choose Boldly from the Universal Menu of Life!


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Listen in as Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson discuss the message from Elaine’s early morning visitor:

It is in the remembering that we choose bigger.

The feelings of retracting and shriveling versus big powerful expansion.

Release the limitations we put on ourselves.

We made this choice...and we are so powerful.

When you REMEMBER YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE, because you utilized that power to incarnate, YOU WILL REMEMBER – EMBODY – RE-EMBODY your POWER TO CREATE within this incarnation.

We’re forgetting that we have a choice to get out of the valley.

Gaze at the beauty, ignore the bullshit.

The Universal Diner and the Special of the Day: Why do we keep settling on ordering meatloaf when what we really want is lobster?

Why do we choose suffering over joy? Is it because we’re more comfortable in suffering?

Choice and Power right next to each other...together.

Feeding energetically from someone else.

We are exactly where we need to be.

All choices must bring you joy or they will bring you out of alignment with your path.

We’re not accidentally at a concert we didn’t mean to be at.

What would happen if we eliminated thinking and operated with feeling instead? Letting your heart do the thinking.

Manifestation and feeling as a tool to manifest. Perception is what creates reality.

Go back in your memory, use your time-line if you need to, and re-embody the POWERFUL CREATOR THAT YOU ARE.

Thank you for leaning in with us today at the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!


To listen to Power of Choice 1 simply click here 


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