Tuesday, June 27, 2023

New podcast episode! Latebloomers 2 of 2!

Well, we knew it wasn’t the end of the conversation. 

In Latebloomer 2 Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson pick up the topic of “Coming out Late” and explore the impact of truly living authentically.



Listen in as we discuss:

  • Life after coming out

  • Loving and accepting past versions of yourself

  • The feeling of unboxing yourself and embodying your truth.

  • Sexuality has nothing to do with sex but about who and how you love

  • How authenticity brings confidence

  • Feeling more feminine as gay than as hetero

  • Passing as hetero vs. living the butch life

  • Surprise! Being a tomboy will get you kicked out of charm class

  • The invisible decision to either resist or go along with hetero-normative societal imprinting

  • The effect of hetero-normative language and the need for gender neutral terms

  • Is it our comfort or others that pushes us into the closet

  • Hope in the power, beauty, and acceptance of the new generations of souls being born.

To listen to Latebloomers 2 simply click here 


Thank you for sharing time and space with us at the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!


Music found on this podcast:

Planet Earth
by Jeremusic70 from Pixabay

Lo-fi Chill
by FASSounds from Pixabay

by prazkhanal from Pixabay

Compass/Lofi Chillhop Background Music
by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay

Our cover image photo is by John Mcsporran from PxHere.com

More information about Elaine Bracken http://www.elainebracken.com

More information about Rachel Dickson http://www.racheldickson.com

More information about this podcast http://www.conversationsatthecounciltree.com


To listen to Latebloomers 2 simply click here 

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