Thursday, June 29, 2023

Power of Choice 1 of 2 with Elaine and Rach









Power of Choice 1 of 2--When Spirit joins you for coffee, you listen – REMEMBER – EMBODY – RE-EMBODY your POWER TO CREATE!

Elaine Bracken is a channel and medium and this episode was born from a channeling she received while having coffee on her porch one morning. This loving message from her guides encourages us to Remember Our Power by Remembering Our Soul’s Choice To Come to Earth. This message also encourages us to Choose Boldly from the Universal Menu of Life!


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Listen in as Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson discuss the message from Elaine’s early morning visitor:

It is in the remembering that we choose bigger.

The feelings of retracting and shriveling versus big powerful expansion.

Release the limitations we put on ourselves.

We made this choice...and we are so powerful.

When you REMEMBER YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE, because you utilized that power to incarnate, YOU WILL REMEMBER – EMBODY – RE-EMBODY your POWER TO CREATE within this incarnation.

We’re forgetting that we have a choice to get out of the valley.

Gaze at the beauty, ignore the bullshit.

The Universal Diner and the Special of the Day: Why do we keep settling on ordering meatloaf when what we really want is lobster?

Why do we choose suffering over joy? Is it because we’re more comfortable in suffering?

Choice and Power right next to each other...together.

Feeding energetically from someone else.

We are exactly where we need to be.

All choices must bring you joy or they will bring you out of alignment with your path.

We’re not accidentally at a concert we didn’t mean to be at.

What would happen if we eliminated thinking and operated with feeling instead? Letting your heart do the thinking.

Manifestation and feeling as a tool to manifest. Perception is what creates reality.

Go back in your memory, use your time-line if you need to, and re-embody the POWERFUL CREATOR THAT YOU ARE.

Thank you for leaning in with us today at the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!


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Power of Choice channeling as featured on Conversations at the Council Tree: episode 316 : Power of Choice 1 & 2

The Power of Choice ~ as received 3-8-23 by Elaine Bracken

You have to be the reason you live.

You have to be enough of a reason to live. 

Your daily life, whatever it is, has to be enough of a reason to live. 

Your time here, Little One, matters.  You Matter.  You are Enough.

Taking on this experience is your own choosing.

By remembering this choice. You will remember how POWERFUL you are. 

Love the Little Version of you who could not remember or express their wisdom and their power.

Love them.  Gather them to you, into your arms, into your heart.

Absorb them and then release them from the ache, fear and loss that they hold within their bodies. 

Wrap them in your Remembrance of your Choice to be in this Chosen body and these Chosen Experiences. 

When you REMEMBER YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE, because you utilized that power to incarnate, YOU WILL REMEMBER – EMBODY – RE-EMBODY your POWER TO CREATE within this incarnation. 

Go back in your memory, use your time-line if you need to, and re-embody the POWERFUL CREATOR THAT YOU ARE.

And Now release that time line once and for all.

Realize your Power in each Presence (not present moment) to make each Presence come alive with whatever you desire.





Sit and play with your “magic” kit, in front of you on the floor.  Be as lighthearted as a child and yet with the WISDOM AND POWER that you hold within your Ancient Soul Being. 

You must Re-Member the Power of Choice and the Power, Certainty, Purpose and even JOY with which you made this CHOICE.








Tuesday, June 27, 2023

New podcast episode! Latebloomers 2 of 2!

Well, we knew it wasn’t the end of the conversation. 

In Latebloomer 2 Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson pick up the topic of “Coming out Late” and explore the impact of truly living authentically.



Listen in as we discuss:

  • Life after coming out

  • Loving and accepting past versions of yourself

  • The feeling of unboxing yourself and embodying your truth.

  • Sexuality has nothing to do with sex but about who and how you love

  • How authenticity brings confidence

  • Feeling more feminine as gay than as hetero

  • Passing as hetero vs. living the butch life

  • Surprise! Being a tomboy will get you kicked out of charm class

  • The invisible decision to either resist or go along with hetero-normative societal imprinting

  • The effect of hetero-normative language and the need for gender neutral terms

  • Is it our comfort or others that pushes us into the closet

  • Hope in the power, beauty, and acceptance of the new generations of souls being born.

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Thank you for sharing time and space with us at the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!


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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 314-- Latebloomers 1 of 2!








It's HERE!  We've just published our first episode titled "Latebloomers".

To listen now simply click here 

In recognition of June being Pride month Elaine and Rachel wanted to release Latebloomers 1 (Latebloomers 2 is coming next week!) as a way to express their own truths and authenticity.

What is Latebloomers about you might ask? Here's a brief synopsis:

You typically don’t wake up one day and declare, “I’m GAY.” But rather...there is a feeling that’s existed for a very long time in your deepest cells that’s been whispering to you and sometimes even screaming at you. Whether you’ve lived a hetero married life ignoring that innate inner knowing that this isn’t you or whether you’ve lived a life alone, muddling along ignoring the idea of having any relationships at all because to do otherwise would upset the world that you’ve assimilated into for so long. There’s hundreds of ways the details of truly knowing who you are and embracing that fully for yourself can be told.

This episode begins with Elaine Bracken reading her poem titled, “The Truth in Her Cells.” What follows is a fireside chat between Elaine and Rachel where they tell their stories. Elaine describes her experiences leading up to coming out later in life at 60 as a latebloomer and Rachel describes her experiences growing up immersed in an evangelical christian family upbringing and how that affected her own coming out story.

Whether you’ve been drawn to this episode as a straight person simply wanting to understand this topic more fully because of a friend you may know or a family member with similar experiences or simply because you yourself are trying to piece together your own knowing...welcome!

To listen now simply click here 

If you are someone who has come out later in life and are seeking others like you...welcome! We want you to are NOT alone! There are gays, lesbians and transgenders everywhere with stories just like these.

You may wish to take a walk or a drive with this podcast episode...and please feel free to share with your friends or family as it’s full of thought-provoking, real life stories that are shareable.

Join us as we celebrate embracing our authenticity so that you too can embrace yours!

If you would like to see on screen what it was like for women in the 1940s and 50s to live in the world as gay and how they navigated the world be sure to watch Amazon Prime’s “A League of Their Own.”

Thank you Mae Blair and “A League of their own” TV series for showing us the beautiful stories behind the All American Girls Professional Baseball League that existed from 1943-1954!

Also be sure to listen to upcoming part 2 of the Latebloomers episode.

“The Truth in Her Cells” written and recited by Elaine Bracken.
To read this poem in its entirety click here

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The poem Elaine recited on Latebloomers episode 314

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

What is the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast and who are hosts Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson?

The title “Conversations at the Council Tree” was born from years of conversation between Rachel and Elaine about all things Universal, Life, Love, Human Experience and Existence, Galactic Assistance, the Cosmos, and all the places in between. Over the years we began referring to these as Conversations at the Council Tree due to Rachel’s profound love of trees and nature and a particular tree in the Oconaluftee Visitor’s Center in Cherokee, NC. The energy of the Podcast is the feeling of an invitation to gather under a giant wise old tree, maybe around a campfire, sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and listening to the wisdom of the Tree, the Universe, and the Cosmos.

This podcast is a collection of collaborative conversations where Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson create an inviting come-sit-by-the-campfire-chat that you can cozy up to and roast some spiritual marshmallows along side. We discuss personal transformation, leveling-up, dimensional galactic expansion, spiritual awakening, and navigating life here on Earth.

You can listen to new episodes on your favorite podcast streaming service. 

What happens the moment before the mics are lit up to record in the studio? Elaine and Rachel tune into... let’s be curious, inquire, ask questions, demand answers, explore, listen, feel, breathe, surrender boldly, be willing to sit silently with what is, be brave, speak truth, trust the process, and...may we each embrace...fully...loudly living our own authenticity.

Elaine is a second-generation Psychic Channel and Medium and has practiced integrative holistic healing for more than 20 years. She was recently contacted by and began channeling a cosmic vibrational messenger named Saeva who frequently participates and offers insight into our discussions.

Rachel is a creative at heart, avid nature lover, spiritual truth seeker, code-breaker, healer.

For years she has been working with a collective, whom she refers to as “The Others.” And they collaboratively provide universal insights and guidance which connects dimensional level knowledge into life experiences on Earth.

Elaine and Rachel are both members of the LGBTQ community, Rachel a lifelong "card-carrying" lesbian and Elaine a latebloomer. This leads to some pretty lively dialogue.

It’s such an honor to create a shared space with the intention for the wisdom that will download and be discussed here on this podcast. Thank you for joining us!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

NEW Podcast Episodes Coming SOON!

Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson are thrilled to announced the upcoming release of their new podcast called Conversations at the Council Tree.

You'll be able to listen to it at your favorite podcast streaming location.

Stay tuned as we publish very soon!