Friday, July 28, 2023

Power of Choice 2 of 2 with Elaine and Rach


Power of Choice 2 of 2--Embrace and Embody the Power of your Soul’s Choice to Incarnate

In this 2nd episode of Power of Choice...we remember...there was light before the struggle!

This discussion will refresh you from the inside out because we delve into why it’s so important to look inward and shift who you are listening to. In listening to your own self-talk you’ll uncover exactly why your life is unfolding the way it is in every moment. Get ready to hear about the radically simple tool number 1 in how to connect to your inner self.

Listen in as Elaine Bracken and Rachel Dickson discuss where to start. What is the first step in going inward and discovering our true selves? When life feels like nothing but smoke screens and is blindingly paralyzing...there IS a way to fly through this smoke screen of impossibility. There IS hope and the truth of this lies within our own inner selves. Why is it so easy to believe that we are “Original Sin” and so hard to believe that we are “Original Light”?

Discussion around remembering our original incarnation choice.

You’re so powerful because YOU are the impetus for even being here. You chose to be here.

We do remember...when we take our first breath.

Understanding the extent of our forgetting. We’ve forgotten that we are powerful creators.

Acknowledging and accepting what is.

When you go inward you will remember your power.

Why are we not original light? Why are we original sin?


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To listen to Power of Choice 2 simply click here  

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