Tuesday, August 22, 2023

NEW episode: Does “Passing” as Straight Automatically Equal “Safety?” -- Uncovering Internalized “Obias” and “Isms” in Our Attempts to Live Authentically.







In this Episode Rachel Dickson and Elaine Bracken discuss a series of thought-provoking and revealing questions about what it means to “pass” as straight while being gay.   Listen in as a most fascinating dialogue unfolds in which they both uncover some deeper truths behind navigating authenticity as a threat, feelings of guilt associated with expressing who you are, not status quo doubling as potentially unsafe, loss of privilege and what that may imply, and the discovery of some hidden internalized “obias” and “isms” along the way.

To Listen to this "Do You Pass" episode Click here

Let’s jump in!

    • Guilt by association.
    • Why is there guilt associated with expressing who you are?
    • Being different (not status quo)...does it also mean being unsafe?
    • Is it so different for boys/men to wear fingernail polish? Does this trigger internalized homophobia   amongst men?
    • Internalized homophobia, Internalized racism.
    • Safety and gender biased.
    • Navigating gendered public restrooms.
    • Who has to do the navigating around safety and privilege?
    • Choosing safety or authenticity if challenged publicly.
    • Why is authenticity a threat to anybody?
    • Privilege...how it affects daily living
    • What happens when you’re faced with the question, “what are you?”
    • Guilt by association...why is there guilt? Is this an undeserved attack on yourself?
    • Our internalized “obias”
    • Corporate branding and our alleged need for identity—Bud Light Boycott


To Listen to this "Do You Pass" episode Click here


Thank you for sharing time and space with us at the Conversations at the Council Tree Podcast!


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Feeling Freedom
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The power of collaboration
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More information about Elaine Bracken http://www.elainebracken.com
More information about Rachel Dickson http://www.racheldickson.com

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