Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Season 1, Episode 314-- Latebloomers 1 of 2!








It's HERE!  We've just published our first episode titled "Latebloomers".

To listen now simply click here 

In recognition of June being Pride month Elaine and Rachel wanted to release Latebloomers 1 (Latebloomers 2 is coming next week!) as a way to express their own truths and authenticity.

What is Latebloomers about you might ask? Here's a brief synopsis:

You typically don’t wake up one day and declare, “I’m GAY.” But rather...there is a feeling that’s existed for a very long time in your deepest cells that’s been whispering to you and sometimes even screaming at you. Whether you’ve lived a hetero married life ignoring that innate inner knowing that this isn’t you or whether you’ve lived a life alone, muddling along ignoring the idea of having any relationships at all because to do otherwise would upset the world that you’ve assimilated into for so long. There’s hundreds of ways the details of truly knowing who you are and embracing that fully for yourself can be told.

This episode begins with Elaine Bracken reading her poem titled, “The Truth in Her Cells.” What follows is a fireside chat between Elaine and Rachel where they tell their stories. Elaine describes her experiences leading up to coming out later in life at 60 as a latebloomer and Rachel describes her experiences growing up immersed in an evangelical christian family upbringing and how that affected her own coming out story.

Whether you’ve been drawn to this episode as a straight person simply wanting to understand this topic more fully because of a friend you may know or a family member with similar experiences or simply because you yourself are trying to piece together your own knowing...welcome!

To listen now simply click here 

If you are someone who has come out later in life and are seeking others like you...welcome! We want you to know...you are NOT alone! There are gays, lesbians and transgenders everywhere with stories just like these.

You may wish to take a walk or a drive with this podcast episode...and please feel free to share with your friends or family as it’s full of thought-provoking, real life stories that are shareable.

Join us as we celebrate embracing our authenticity so that you too can embrace yours!

If you would like to see on screen what it was like for women in the 1940s and 50s to live in the world as gay and how they navigated the world be sure to watch Amazon Prime’s “A League of Their Own.”

Thank you Mae Blair and “A League of their own” TV series for showing us the beautiful stories behind the All American Girls Professional Baseball League that existed from 1943-1954!

Also be sure to listen to upcoming part 2 of the Latebloomers episode.

“The Truth in Her Cells” written and recited by Elaine Bracken.
To read this poem in its entirety click here

Music found on this podcast:

Peaceful Garden - Healing Light Piano for meditation, zen, landscapes
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by Olexy from Pixabay The Beat of Nature

More information about Elaine Bracken http://www.elainebracken.com

More information about Rachel Dickson http://www.racheldickson.com

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